Iot Bolt internship

I had tried to connect to the iot bolt . I entered bolt app , connected it with bolt module . Next step was to have an internet connection . Since i m doing it in my mobile. I cannot have an internet connection since i am already connected with iot bolt module (via wifi ) and i cant have both internet and wifi connection at the same time

try to use hotspot from an another mobile and use that hotspot that’s what i do… hope its helpfull further queries do comment

I had done the same with hotspot from other mobile . Bt u CANT have 2 connection at the same time . Thts the problem

Do reply … it is urgent .

If you want to connect the bolt wifi module to your mobile then there is an option while configuring the bolt module for the first time. If you are facing any issue then delete the device and configure again, now keep your mobile hotspot and data ‘on’ . Enter the password of your mobile’s hotspot and it will be connected :).