IoT Device not working

My Bolt IoT device is not working, I am not sure what is the problem but there might be a loose connection in my device, When I am powering my device the lights are not blinking rather the light remains stable(even when wifi is not connected) and also the device is not showing in my Bolt IoT app. If the device is shaken a little the light stops suddenly and starts again after fixing the wire , It has been occuring since I bought the device and therefore I was not able to complete any single projects till now . Even the LDR assignment is not finished yet . I would appreciate any help to fix the device or request the Bolt IoT to exchange it .
Thank You , hoping for an early reply.

Hii @koyelde1 the problem may be with your wifi network. Recheck whether you are using a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wifi hotspot for connecting your bolt device. it should be 2.4 GHz one. Or try changing the wifi hotspot. Switch to mobile hotspots to check whether the problem is with your wifi or simply with your bolt device. If latter, u can go for an exchange.

Make sure your hotspot AP Band is 2.4GHz.
or may be you have changed your hotspot password.

Yes My Wi-fi bandwith is 2.4 GHz and I have used mobile internet , still I am facing the problem .

Hi @koyelde1,

What is the status of blue and green led ? Check this video

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Sir kindly replace my wi-fi module. Other things are working fine. Please sir. It’s going to be about an year sir.

I need the certificate as soon as I am able to complete the Bolt IoT 1 monthsworkshop.

Hi @koyelde1,

Can you record a video of the issue and upload it to google drive and then share the public link of the video with us ?

Hello, sir video format is not supporting here. So I have mailed it to your consultant.
Koyel De

Here is the Google drive link of my video.

Hi @koyelde1,

I think your Bolt device is faulty. I am tagging @vinayak.joshi to confirm the same. After getting the confirmation from @vinayak.joshi, I will arrange the replacement for your Bolt device. (Your Bolt device should be under warranty for the replacement.)

Hi @koyelde1,

@rahul.singh1 is right, and will arrange a replacement, if your device is under warranty.

Yes it is under warranty. Order date is 21/12/2019.

Hi koyelde1
Make sure that you have attached all the components properly. Also check that you are using a 2.4GHz wifi hotspot for connecting to your bolt device.

Hi @koyelde1,

Apology for the delay in response, I have asked our operation team to arrange the replacement for your device as soon as possible.

Do let me know in case you further assistance.