IoT device's WIFI is not working. Not able to connect to the Hotspot

I’ve connected the Bolt Iot device to my Wifi & mobile as advised in the video but It was showing Offline yesterday.

So, today I tried to do it but it was in vain. Now the bolt is failing to connect to my Hotspot. Therefore I tried to disconnect my Iot Device from the colud.bolt website. but it is saying that an update is needed. And for the update, I need to be Online.

Don’t know what to do.
Please see the attached picks and help me.

That Blue light continues glowing. There is no distance between my mobile, Bolt IoT & Hotspot.

Kindly share with us the video of the process you are trying to do.

Solved the problem. Thank you.

The green LED will be OFF and the blue LED will be steadily flickering if the Bolt is having trouble connecting to the WiFi network. This typically occurs if you supplied the incorrect WiFi information (SSID or password) during the setup of the IoT device.