IOT Hackathon Light Waves Graph by Bolt

We’re getting something like {“success”:“1”,“value”:“756”} as output of bolt.js
How to create a database of last values(here 756) of this output and get a graph?

You’ll have to use a graph library and see in which format it wants the data. Then transfer your data into that form.

So if the library wants a list of (x,y) pairs then do

var gData = []
var recvData ={"success":1,"value":720}
function Transform(obj) {
 if (obj["success"] ==1){
    gData.push_back({"x": 10, "y": obj["value"])


The LDR sensor is capturing the value at a specific point of time which gives discrete points.
how can we receive the data continuously to plot a continuous curve. does it have anything to do with thingskeep?
if yes, then how to implement it?

this the suggestion here