IR Blaster(infrared blaster) that usually comes in some phones

Can IR Blaster be build using iot bolt?

Some phones have the ir blaster to convert your phone into universal remote can bolt iot be used to build our own portable ir blaster that can be used in any phone that does not contain this feature.

If so how can I build it?guidance neededā€¦!!!:blush:

Yes, Bolt IoT WiFi Module can be used to build this project!

As you said there are apps for phones with IR blaster to convert your phone into universal remote. Same thing can be done using bolt module for phones that donā€™t contain this feature, I would guide you about the same using the following approach:

  1. Prepare an IR receiving device that you wish to control using your phone. (Can be your AC, TV, etc.)
  2. Make an IR transmitter circuit using Arduino to control that device.
  3. Connect Bolt Module to the Arduino using boltiot-arduino-helper.
  4. Create an Android APP that controls your IR device by sending request to bolt module using Bolt Cloud API.