IR sensor not working

Hii,I am undergoing an Iot training from Internshala.
In my module I have to use IR sensor with Bolt bt In the module it is shown that when i will connect it to the bolt i have to test it…
now the problem arrives,
when i connect it to the bolt red light glows…and when i move my hand over the sensor then also light glows…so whats the problem??? plz help…!!!


There will be Blue color potentiometer on the Sensor, with a metal screw on It , please rotate the screw without any obstacle in front of the sensor till the light on the sensor goes off. You may have to try rotating the screw in the opposite direction with respect to the IR led.

Also for some interesting projects built on Bolt check out

Ya…I did it and it starts working.
thank you so much…

Thank you for the link