IR sensor with Bolt and arduino

@yeshwant.naik @datta.naik @vinayak.joshi @ppv sir , Can we get the the ir sensor value on bolt cloud NOT as a graph and not as 0 and 1 BUT as a counter in numbers?

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Hi, I don’t know much about this project but I found a interesting web page about this project hope it will help you given below
link -
I think after this construction you should connect o/p of Arduino to digital input pin of bolt module and get readings on cloud.
Hope it will help you.:slightly_smiling_face:

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i have tried but i don’t know how to get it on cloud.

someone please help.

Hi @govindbagdiya22,

You can use the guage graph to display the number.

But for showing counter value, you will have to use an Arduino to keep summing up the data, and then push it to the Bolt Cloud.

You can find out how to build a system count data from an IR sensor via the following link

You can find out how to interface the Bolt WiFi module to get this data and push it to the Cloud via the following link.

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Can you please be specific like for what value you want to be displayed as output?
I will see if I can help :slight_smile:

@ayanghosh974 i want to display live detection the ir sensor will detect in the form of counter.

@govindbagdiya22 okay, but as of my experience, the raw sensor value can only be displayed either by python code or you have to make a html code for it.

@vinayak.joshi @PPV sir this is my arduino code and i am getting proper output in serial monitor now i want the serial monitor output on cloud please guide i am working on some project.

    int irPin=7;
    int count=0;
    boolean state = true;

    void setup() {
    pinMode(irPin, INPUT);

    void loop() {
      if (!digitalRead(irPin) && state){
          state = false;
          Serial.print("Count: ");
      if (digitalRead(irPin)){
         state = true;


Hi @govindbagdiya22,

We are here to help. The operative word being “help”.

Have you tried to read and understand the code given in the following link that I shared earlier?

The code given there has the elements required for you to push your data to the Bolt Cloud.
Please try to understand the code given there and see if you can use the elements in your coee.

Also, it is very important NOT TO USE THE SERIAL OBJECT IN YOUR CODE when trying to push data to the Bolt Cloud. It is equally important NOT TO USE DELAYS IN YOUR CODE for the same to work.