Is Bolt WiFi Module fit for use in Industries?

Industries have a harsh environment. Due to most electronic devices being delicate, Internet of Things is not getting mainstream attention there.
I have heard of sturdy computers called PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that most industries use. These can be used in any tough environment (Cold, Hot, Dusty, Moist).

So, my question is:-
Can we use Bolt WiFi module in such harsh environments?
How long can the Bolt WiFi module last in such environments given that a PLC might last up to 30 years there?

Try it up yourself, it could be a great and valuable research insight we all can benefit from.

I think Bolt wifi module can withstand the industry requirement as shown in the first video of the coursev (Temperature Sensor Project). Trying it is the good option :slight_smile:

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I asked the same query to the Support staff at Bolt and got a positive response:-


While the PLC is advertised to have a life of 30 years, it still requires regular checkups and maintenance. Also, it comes with a datasheet that specifies a pre-set limit to the level of the harsh environment that the PLC can function normally in.

As for the Bolt WiFi module, you can take it as a rule of thumb that the device will function in an environment that the PLC survives in, for a period of 5 years.
Vinayak Joshi
Electronics Design Engineer - Bolt IoT