Is it correct.. i m from boltiot training course

and this is the screenshot of the course… check my graph and theirs and if any mistake occurs then say me please.

check my mistake if any…

Hi @Amrita_dey , Your absolutely correct , you have imported the google-chart library
and set the chart type, Title, Axis name and then plotted the graph.
use can also use different graphs types like

Also u can check Area Graph this documentation to know more about graphs

Amrita your code is correct and plot also 100% correct only difference is you have less number of input data as amount of data increases with change in data your chart will also look like approximate same

I can see that ur code is right, but the data points(readings) are less. If you can wait for half to 45 mins, then u can get a good graph and also ur graph might look same in the video :upside_down_face: