Is it mandatory to use linux for python programming language?

Can i am able to use another compiler like anaconda for executing the python code in this training instead of using linux OS.

My friend, If you have a windows pc then you can install a python compiler in it by searching the web for the Python Compiler. After that you can use a python programming software from the IntelliJ company to program in Python.
So this is how, you will be able to program in python through a GUI software. But if you like programming in the command prompt, then you can program without any GUI software. Anyways I would recommend you to use a GUI based program to code in Python.

I hope that I solved your query.

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Yes, you can use other compiler for executing Python code in like PyCharm or Anaconda. Linux OS is an operating system and so is windows and you can use any of them.

You can use any compiler, but it will be more benificial for you to use linux OS because it will give you a knowledge and make you more familiar to the linux operating system.

I would recommend you to use Linux but it’s not mandatory to use only Linux. You can use another compiler too but you might face some issues because the Bolt curriculum only includes Linux based instructions.

yes, you can use any of the compiler as per your comfort. if linux is new for you and if you not able to understand some linux command i recommend you to use pycharm or any other compiler

No it is not necessary to use Linux for Python programming.

But why is it suggested in the Bolt IoT & ML Training that we should use Linux?

That is because a lot of Python packages are supported and readily installed in Linux, which is not the case for Windows. If you want to work extra hard on configuring those packages you are free to use Windows.

Plus in Linux you do not need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Spyder, Eclipse etc. to run Python code. You simply do it in your Terminal, which is the biggest reason people prefer coding in Linux.

(Of course you can run Python codes in Windows Command Prompt too, but again that will require some extra configuration).

This is the biggest reason why droplets/servers offered by Cloud based platforms like Digital Ocean and AWS use Linux Servers. Because they are easy to deploy and quick to bring into action without prior settings and configuration.