Is it necessary to have a wifi router at home?

May I know whether it is necessary to have a wifi router at home? Because I don’t have one. Will the Bolt module work fine if I use hotspot from another phone as wifi?

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Yes, in that case you need to have two phones. In first phone you will have to install bolt app and then in that you have to insert the hotspot network credential of the second phone to which your bolt wifi module will get connected to

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@neethajyothish With the latest update on the Bolt mobile app, you can setup the Bolt device using your mobile’s own hotspot. You do not have to use another phone.

In the WiFi selection screen during the setup, at the bottom, there will a button which will allow you to setup via your phone’s hotspot. Simply click the button and follow the instructions shown.

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no it is not so necessary to have a wifi router at home. u just need 2 phones. in the first phone just install the bolt app and in the second one ,connect the hotspot of ur second phone to the first one such that your bolt wifi module get connected.

No.It is not necessary to have a wifi router. You can use either someone else hotspot in your home or you can use your own mobile for setup.

no its not necessary to have wifi router, but you need to have 2 phones one phone for hotspot and the other for bolt app