Is it necessary to have router? I dont have router i use mobile hotspot for my laptop for training videos.pls Reply

Having the wifi router is necessary?

No it is not neccessary to have router.You can watch the videos on your mobile hotspot.However while connecting bolt module to the internet,you must have two mobiles as your phone hotspot will not work during connection.

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Thank you sir for reply.

@adityawaghmare313 You can also connect the Bolt to the same hotspot as your mobile without needing another mobile phone hotspot.
Please update the Bolt app and click on the add device button. When you reach the WiFi selection screen, there will be an option to connect to the same phone’s hotspot.

@shoeb.ahmed I don’t think so , because today I’ve tried it for almost 1.5 hours…
and it kept telling that " Could not connect to the Bolt ". Then I used my friend’s smartphone for hotspot and follow the simple steps as per the app and WOOH it worked.

Hello sir,
It’s not mandatory to have a router.You use your phone hotspot to connect to module.

It is not mandatory to have an access to a router for training videos. You can surely use your mobile hotspot. But while setting up the module, you will need two phones. One to connect to the hotspot of the other phone.
Hope this helps.

No, a router is not necessary.
U can use mobile hotspot for training videos.

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Can you write your query in more details ? What exactly are you trying to do ?

No, It’s not necessary to have a router. Mobile Hots pot is enough for laptop to access training videos. Instead you can also watch training videos in your mobile itself.

No. Not at all necessary.
You can work with your phones hotspot.
It is so simple and easy task.

You can connect wifi module to hotspot of same phone, there will be option of connecting via hotspot in wifi section, then you have to type hotspot name, security type and password to that hotspot…module will tell you to on your mobile hotspot and it will automatically get connected. You have to do this procedure only once and your bolt module will automatically gets connected to hotspot next time