Is it necessary to use software such as vmware/ubuntu?

i wanted to know if using the software like vmware and ubuntu necessary for the upcoming lessons? My system is not supporting the software. i’m using windows 10. yet i’m facing this issue. please let me know if i can go ahead without installing any of these software

Use Digital Ocean if you’re encountering compatibility issues.

I’m sorry i don’t have any credit or debit cards.

Have you tried Virtualbox ?

yep… my system isn’t supporting any software… can i just skip to other lessons? without any of these softwares?

Yes from Python Compilers like Anaconda,IntelliJ,PyCharm etcetera

Thank you so much for your help.

You may use anaconda tool, In this tool you will get many editor’s or we can say many IDE’s such as spyder, jupyter etc. where you can run your python code also.
But for hosting the server you have to log in the Digital Ocean Droplets.

there is also Putty which is also a ubuntu server.Its easy to use.without any complicated instructions.

when you download the software make sure if it is 32 bit or 64 bit compatible with your system

Thank you, i found the problem.

Yeah, got it. Thank you.

If you are not able to install a virtual machine into your PC you can try a few alternatives.
First, you can you Digital ocean platform to encounter such issues.
Second, you can download Ubuntu from windows store and configure it.
Third, you can download Anaconda tool.

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It will be easy to complete the project if you use VMware . I am also using windows 10 and I faced the same problem.I saw a four minute video in Youtube. It worked really well and my problem was solved within few minutes. This method is by using ADK (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit). This is the link to the video. Happy learning!

Thank you soo much. It was of gr8 help.

Got it. Thank you soo much.

It’s not necessary that you have to download Virtual Box onto your computer
You can install it into any external storage device like a harddisk USB drive or like in my case a shadow drive
You could try installing and accessing them through any of these devices