Is it possible to write Python codes in boltiot app?

Hi Sir, wanted to know, python codes we cannot write in boltiot app, as the extension that are there are for Html and Javascript. so should they be written in ubuntu, if ya,then how will access it in our codes and project??

Hi @pednekarruchika ,

Bolt Cloud provides Bolt cloud API Using Bolt Cloud API, you can write your own logic in any language and based on the logic you have to just trigger the Bolt Cloud API url to control the devices.
Most of the language has package/library for requesting a url .
For example :
Python : requests
c++ : curl
Java : OkHttpClient
PHP: HttpRequest()

So you can write code on your laptop/server , and you have to just ping the Bolt Cloud API from your laptop.
You can start the setting up python and request library here