Is there an alternative to Twilio?

Twilio keeps giving the queued, unfortunately. So this there any other compatible third party messaging system that we can use?

@sushmita7898 you can try out mail gun but it’ll give alert via email…

Yes, that’s there… But I would like to know for SMS too :confused:

The best alternative i found was
link =
It addition to features availabe on twilio , It offer 24/7 network service and better prices.You should use in case twilio doesn’t work.
But honestly i would also want to say that you may sometimes encounter same message delay as twilio.(I guess , Cons of being a free user)

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you can try mailgun or telegram.
telegram: 1. Go to the Playstore or App Store on your phone and search for Telegram.
2. Download and Install the latest version of Telegram app.
3. Signup for a new account or sign in to Telegram by providing your mobile number.
4. Telegram will call you OR send you a SMS to verify your mobile number.
5. Get your account verified and approve any permissions if required.
6. You will be logged in to Telegram and will be shown a screen similar to the one below.

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I agree but telegram is also in the next project.Getting notifications on Telegram is quite easy as it is over web and not SMS services.You should use telegram for real world application instead of sms with delay’s.Although you should learn/master both sms and email.All i want to say is telegram to hai hi easy , nikal loge . Learn SMS and Email

Have you used telegram for the bitcoin alert system?? :confused:

Could you please help to do bitcoin alert system using telegram?

you just need to get the response from that’s it and send a message if the bitcoin price is greater than selling price you set

Can I do this along with a buzzer in the hardware?

@sushmita7898 just a minute I’ll share you the link of the code


Thank you so much. I’ll check it out! :smiley:

Hi @sushmita7898,

Refer this thread Sms status : queued