Is there an option of changing the hotspot connectivity to the bolt module?

I have already connected to my father’s hotspot to the bolt module. But the problem is as his mobile is not available all the time I am unable to connect to my bolt module frequently. So is there an option to change the hotspot connectivity with my mobile??
If yes please tell how??

Yes! @dheerajswaroop15
follow the steps below :-
-disconnect from the previous wifi connection of the bolt device from the bolt cloud as shown

-install the bolt app on your new phone and do the registration part and then follow the same steps you initially used to configure the bolt device.
i hope this resolves your query.

Hi @dheerajswaroop15,

The simple solution will be create a hotspot from your phone and keep the hotspot name and password is same as the previous one. Restart the Bolt device and it will connect to your phone’s hotpot.

Also check this video

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi @rahul.singh1 I have already disconnected the hotspot from the device.
So then how to connect my phone with the device? It is showing your device is offline. Please help!!!

Hi @abhishekkini80110 ,
Did as same disconected the device from old hotspot but unable to connect to new hotspot.
It is showing offline in both my mobile app and the bolt cloud.
Please explain in detail with screenshots of both mobile app and bolt cloud set up.
Please help!!

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@dheerajswaroop15 , it will be showing offline itself … do the steps below
1.turn on your bolt wifi module , now the blue led will start blinking slowly.
2.Go to your mobile application >> ADD DEVICE >> Ready …

after this its pretty much the same thing you did the first time while connecting your device to bolt wifi module… so watch the video below to setup bolt :
make sure you’ve turned off your mobile data and hotspot and only the wifi is on , keep your phone close to bolt module so it connects faster.
make sure your mobile hotspot is set to 2.4GHz AP band]
this must help you connect your bolt to your phone!

Thank you so much ,it worked!!!:grinning::grinning:

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I’m glad i could help!!!

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