Is there any difference between Arduino code and Bolt code?

I was trying to make a traffic light project that contains a delay in the blinking of LEDs. Doesn’t the Bolt developers board support the same? Are codes of Arduino and Bolt different.
Additionally, I tried to write code, have put a semicolon there but the dashboard shows and error of not putting the semicolon in the code.

@spsaryansharma Bolt IoT with Arduino uno check out this you will find solution.

@spsaryansharma Most of the Javascript libraries use the OTBS style of indentation. So to maintain consistency, it would require you to use the open parenthesis of any function in the same line.
So the correct code would be-
int ledPin =led;
void setup() {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
digital Write(ledPin, HIGH);
digital Write(ledPin, LOW);

I hope this solves your problem