Is there any way to store and run Python program on Bolt module without connecting it to laptop?

Hi Guys, Just like in the case of Arduino. is there any way to store the python program on the bolt wifi module or any way to make it store it using an external module so that once I supply the power to it, it can automatically execute the code?

The Bolt IoT module is designed to connect to the Bolt cloud once it is powered ON and connected to a WiFi network. Hence, all the programs that you want to execute should be written on the cloud platform.

@pankajkumar.p We can only write HTML and JavaScript code on the cloud but here I am talking about the python code that we write and run in Ubuntu server.

If you want to run the python script to execute your program and are not comfortable with a remote server, you may consider using a local server such as a Raspberry Pi. The Pi can be programmed to run the python script on booting.
Another alternative is to use your phone to run the script. You may use apps like termux or Pydroid 3.


Yes. We have python library that you can use to control and fetch data from the Bolt’s pins.

The python library internally user API’s which you can directly use as well.

Python library doc:

API doc:

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@sumitrana9910 the bolt device uses the ESP8266 as its WiFi module so i recommend that you code using the Arduino IDE platform for more information do check out I really hope this helps you out.

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Thanks for the help @yeshwant.naik, I will try and let you know if this helps me.

@hemapothirajan Thanks.