Isseues with bolt cloud

Bolt cloud is not opening.

Try signing out first. I faced this issue once, and what I did was restart my PC and try again. It worked for me.

I faced similar issue in the past. You can try following steps to resolve this:

  1. Try reloading the page or restarting the browser.
  2. Try signing out and signing in again.
  3. If above don’t work, clear browser cache and cookies.
    Chrome: Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data.
    Firefox: Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data.
    Safari: Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove All.
  1. Update browser or check if any browser plugins like adblockers etc might be interfering.
  2. If none of above works, try signing in with a different device if possible,

Hi @me22b045

Bolt Cloud is not accessible in phone view. To access the Bolt cloud kindly visit on a laptop or desktop.

If you still face any issue please feel free to get back to us

Still not working in laptop

Hi @me22b045

As discussed on call, please share a video while you are logging in the bolt cloud on your device. This will help us get more details in the issue.

Hi @me22b045

We received the video on WhatsApp and we notices that the Google chrome Tab was not opened to its maximum screen width. That is why it was giving the error. As discussed on call, you were able to solve the issue when you switched the Chrome tab to its maximum screen width.