Issue After experiment 6

After performing the 6th experiment, ie after restarting the bolt device, I was bot able to reconnect it. the device is always showing offline. how can I make it back online? if anyone knows about it pls help.

Hello @saikrishnan544

As you have connected once, your bolt iot device has already remembered the WiFi credentials. So for the next time when you connect you have to plug in the bolt device and try connecting through the app itself. Make sure your Internet and WiFi systems are working correctly.

Hope this will help

can i get ur number for contacting.
i was used it through the app but the device is seems to be offline.
i was no able to switch on the device

Hiii… @saikrishnan544, the device should connect automatically if your network speed is stable.

no yaar its always showing offline.
iam trying to resolve it from evening itself. iam not able to move forward.

Hi, @saikrishnan544 make sure that you are connected with wifi and try resetting your device. It will work

can u share some pics regarding that.

You share your device problem, its better to share the video so that it can be clear

check the link and pls respond
pls help me sir. pls…

I also have the same problem.
After restarting Bolt device using bolt cloud API with this code :

The blue led starts blinking slowly. But it is not connecting to the hotspot( I m using mobile hotspot to give internet to the module) automatically like it used to.
So, I tried rebooting bolt module, hotspot, mobile data and even my phone. But it is not connecting at all.
Then I tried switching on my wifi of my phone then the bolt device’s blue led starts blinking fast.
I suspect that above code didn’t just restarted the device but it also resets it. Maybe that’s why it’s not connecting automatically to my hotspot like it used to.
What should we do to resolve it?

i have gone through all the methods but am are not able get the result. If any one had alredy resolved it pls share the way through which they resolved it.

Update: I resolved this problem on my own

Step 1: You have to unlink your Bolt Iot module. Go to this link: Unlinking device from your account
Follow the steps to unlink the Bolt Iot device from your account.

Step 2: The Bolt Iot app on android has bugs so you need to have patience while doing this. Uninstall and reinstall the Bolt Iot app. Switch off the Bolt Iot device.

Step 3: Open the Bolt Iot app and then login and click on add device. From here, the setup is same as you did it the first time. But if you forgot then go to this link: Setting up the Bolt wifi module

Note: While setting up the device in step 3 my Bolt Iot app got hanged like 10 times. This app is so buggy that it even hanged my phone which has snapdragon 855. So you need to have patience and if it fails to connect then go to step 2 again. Again uninstall and reinstall the app and switch off the Bolt Iot device to cool it. And do it again.

PS: In the last attempt I was getting very angry, so I thought of praying and then it started working. So keep this in mind too. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Try to connect bolt again with the bolt app.
bolt app->add new device
(ignore the existing one)

sure. let me try that one too