Issue in connecting WiFi module

Caution flickering even if I press ok.
This is wasting my time of learning it connected one day but now it’s not connecting I tried for about an hour even I searched suggestions that try with other mobile even it’s also not connecting am not having another mobile to connect if it persists how can I complete the course my mobile model is Redmi note 5 pro please PPL debug this because of these I am loosing my interest in this course

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a) if you were able to connect the module to internet using your phone once then there is no need to do a setup again unless the password to wifi network was changed or you are trying to connect to a different wifi network than the one you connected to before.
b) Also, check your bolt cloud and see if the device is registered there or not.
b) I can’t pinpoint the exact issue you are facing with the available info. But if you could go through setup once again from beginning and post of video of it, I am pretty sure I can help you out. :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to connect the WiFi module to your own hotspot by by giving your WiFi details for the same. And do follow all the instructions, while setting up the module especially at the time of enabling your hotspot and mobile data. Also keep the module close to the mobile phone to that it connects fast to your cloud account. Still unable to connect? Then help yourself with following video:-
Thank you.

I am understanding what ur telling but the thing is caution is flickering even I press ok so that how can I proceed

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. maybe that might help.

Up to this k then what to do I am trying past 3 hours

Use the video provided above by Koyel_Chaudhari. It’s shows step by step setup process and also go through the troubleshooting page given in training. If the problem still persists then I believe there might be some issue with your wifi network.

Everything is k but that caution is not moving out

Any body help me with this otherwise this course became waste of money now my returning period also over

I watched the video I did the same but facing the same issue but here I can’t post my screen recording
Firstly debug ur app for every time I sit to watch videos I need to reinstall even no use of doing that

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Try to keep your module near the smart phone so that it can connect to your bolt WiFi. Let the device complete the steps properly and you try to adjust the settings of phone accordingly. Please follow the steps properly to connect your device. First of all do check that your bolt is bilking slowly or not while powering it on. And when you bring it closer to your phone(during set up) does it starts to blink fast? Don’t loose hope follow the instructions properly. You can even visit and create your account(if you don’t have) and go to Documentations , here you will find step by step way to solve your problem.
Thank you.

You can refer to this site :slightly_smiling_face:

Try this -
Go to settings -> portable hotspot -> setup portable hotspot. There change AP band from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz.
The wifi module can connect to only 2.4GHz network.
Please let me know if this helps.

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try to connect the WiFi module by using your Hotspot. bolt can’t detect 5 GHz based WiFi networks,cheek the WiFi password correctly