Issue in delivery of bolt iot and ml kit

I haven’t received my bolt iot kit for 10 days after 10 days in delivery state.
Mode of payment was COD.
It constantly is in “to be delivered and has been shipped” state.
How to resolve this issue.

Please provide the email and order ID associated with the purchase. You can also post the screenshot of the shipments page

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Apologies for the delay, you can check the status of your shipment by entering the courier ID on the courier company’s tracking page. No need to share it in the forum.

Let me know if your courier is being shipped by Blue Dart. I shall share a link you can enter your courier ID on to track the shipment.

The delay could be due to the holiday of New Year. Let me know if you have any other queries.

thank you for your response!

thank you for your response


I have deleted the images as it has details you are not supposed to share on the forum.

Make sure to avoid sharing credentials or information like this on the forum.

Let me know if you have any other queries.