Issue in Room Temperature intensity project

when i am making a project of room temperature intensity then on that time i have got an error i have little bit confused. i have made two files of python insert into a folder and also done coding properly. the error is present inside the below pic.

hello chetanya,
To access Python’s statistics functions, we need to import the functions from the statistics module using the statement:

from statistics import mean, median, mode, stdev

After the import statement, the functions mean() , median() , mode() and stdev() (standard deviation) can be used. Since the statistics module is part of the Python Standard Library, no external packages need to be installed.

for full details on using statistic module you can refer here

OR you can simply go with the import code :

import conf, json, time
from boltiot import Sms, Bolt

hope this works, reply if problem still persists :slight_smile:

@chetanya1281998 Do you have another file with the name in the same folder?

Maybe you don’t have the statistics module installed.
to Install the module use this

sudo pip3 install statistics

if you dont have pip3 you can install it using

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

you should also install the latest python3 since i see you’re using an older version

sudo apt-get install python3

then install pip3 and the module.
also use “python3” instead of “python”