Issue in submission of certificate details

Hi Team,

I have completed the Web Development Training certificate test, and after filling all the certificate details click is not working, please help.


@anjaliraj4oct1999 Do try with another browser and see if you face the same issue.

try opening the form in incognito tab and clear the cookies.
u can also try checking your internet connections.

I would suggest that you should first clear the cookies, then try again and further I would recommend that you signout first and sign in again thereafter i think you will be able to access the certificate form.
Hope this helps.

Looks like you filled the form correctly. Check your internet connection and try to clear the cookies.
Hope it helps.

Maybe there is a network issue or laptop lagging issue. Try from some other device.

Hi Team,
After re login it’s showing start test now(but I had already completed the test.)

Hi @anjaliraj4oct1999 We see that your marks have not synced in the backend. Hence you will have to retake the certificate exam. Make sure you have stable internet throughout from start to the submit phase.

Thanks everyone, got the certificate.