Issue Regarding Quiz in HTML section

There’s an issue regarding this question:

Clearly, the answer in the quiz marked as correct (the green one) is not the right option, because it doesn’t have a </a> closing tag.
Whereas, the answer I marked (the red one) should be the correct option.

href is the syntax to include the hyperlink in HTML which is given in the third option and the option you selected contains url as the syntax which is wrong.
I hope you understood

@kinjalrk22 Hello. The question here focused on the syntax of hyperlink in the opening tag
href is a attribute to provide link. In the first option url is used instead of href if you run that code it will not work.
where as in the third option proper syntax is used which implies that it is the correct option.

In the first option url is used which is wrong. href is an attribute of the anchor tag. Therefore third one is right. The correct syntax should be . As far as the closing tag is considered, that can be ignored in this question because it focuses on the syntax of the hyperlink.

Here href is an attribute which specifies where the URL (the actual link)of the page goes to…Here the question is about hyperlink so URL code is incorrect and again here in question they only focused on the hyperlink section so I think they only focused on the syntax of hyperlink…Thats why third number should be the right option…

In this question they are asking about the syntax to create the hyperlink i.e href.
The href attribute specifies the destination address of the link.
Although the most appropriate answer will be to have a closing tag with third option.
Using url with anchor tag has no meaning so this option is wrong. Considering the remaining three left option third one fits the best and so it is the right answer.