Issue related in Room intensity project

i have completed all the coding section and hardware connection of Roon intensity project but i did’nt get a messgae. i have account on twillio. the current output is shown below after run the python file on terminal.

hello Chetanya,
As from the output it is seen that the intensity of light in your room is constant throughout. In order to get a message on your twilio account their needs to be a sudden change of instensity of light detected by the sensor in order to get a message i.e when the intensity of light is above/below your specified threshold value you may get the message. In order to do so
1.Try darkening the room just for next sensor value. my case i covered the sensor area with my finger and it sent a message when it satisfied the threshold value or try changing your threshold value.
3. if you have DND activated on your sim, you may not receive the message, but you can refer the twilio logs. Here how it looks, (mine DND was active so the message is undelivered)

If still problem persist make sure to reply this comment in specific way :slight_smile:

how to get the message from Twillio ?It gave me same error as yours . For my phone DND is inactive

Is your data roaming on? On it and try again even increase the sleep time from 10 to 1000 and run the code again .Let me know if you get message


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now the cloud led of my bolt is not getting on.
i dont know why

Firstly check if ur phone has DND active or not from the link below :

As such twilio doesnt gaurantee u the successful receiving of message
twilio cannot guarantee the deliverability of message to phones that are roaming.

For further details, here is the link i found about your issue from twilio help centre

is it necessary that the number I used to register in Twilio will bethe same number in which i have to send message ??like i registeered with my Airtel number and can i send the twilio msg to my JIO number>??

Yes use the same number with which you registered and if you want to use different number then while registering there is a checkbox which asks if you want to send message on different number then tick that checkox @arnabdutta31399

i changed my number. created a new acc on twilio and is working fine now