Issue while linking LM35 sensor input with Twilio

Please find attached the two python file codes, all keys and ids have been crosschecked and are accurate. Is there anyway to resolve this error? Kindly do help.

Have you installed the python bolt library

In 5th line of 2nd code write mybolt=Bolt(conf.API_KEY , conf.DEVICE_ID)

Yes, I did install the library.

When I do that, it says invalid api key. That’s the reason I manually typed the api key.

Then check properly. I think you have not written the api key properly. Do check it once again.

go to the api tab of your bolt cloud.generate new api key ,copy it then paste it in your file using right-clicking and paste

make sure you enter the full device name including “BOLT” in its name

how much time does it take for receiving a message?

Not too long . For me it took abt 3seconds in my trial acc

i am having this error

@suraj47gupta You have a typo in your code. It is supposed to be “value”.

ya i get it earlier it is working now.

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