Issue with Bolt device on phone

delete bolt from phone

The Bolt is connected to my cell phone and works just fine (LED turns on and off). Both lights on the Bolt are on and steady. Under devices in Bolt Cloud I see “Hardware Device 1” But the Bolt doesn’t appear. I can link the product but I cannot deploy the code. I have turned power off and on, changed cell phone mobile data setting, re-run the installation several times. If I click on “ADD NEW DEVICE” it tells me to download the app (Android phone) which I already have done and which seems to be working fine. Thanks in advance for your time.

@buy Can you please send a screenshot of the page that you are seeing? Also try updating your browser to see if the issue persists.

The first thing you needed to do is to connect your mobile(in which the bolt app is) to the same Wifi network you’re using for your laptop by switching off your mobile data.
Also if you were using your mobile hotspot as your internet connection for your laptop then you’ll either need another mobile’s hotspot so as to connect your laptop and the mobile(in which the bolt app is) to the internet.
i hope this helps somehow.