Issue with LED and buzzer output project

I worked with the LED project and everything was working fine till the electricity automatically went off. After electricity was available again, I tried the product again but was unable to receive any output. I thought it might be the issue with the LED, so I changed the LED, but was not successful. I tried everything from changing GPIO pins, changing resistors, re-enabling API keys, generating new API keys, but all went to waste.
So, I tried all the above with the buzzer and again received no output.
Please, help me! Expecting help from the actual developers of BOLT.

for led project make sure the connections are correct. if it is so then definitely it will work.
And for buzzer project, the buzzer will not work with resistance so remove it for the buzzer one.

It’s because of too many API requests in a duration. In that case your API gets blocked for 6 hours. And you can unblock yourself by going through the error mail.You have free plan ri8 for bolt cloud so you have following limited features:
in 1min - only 20 API hit above that will block you
in 6 min-72
in 30 min-360
and in 60 min - 720
don’t exceed the limit. If your project requirement is high then go for pro plan where u can hit upto 240 in 1 min.
Hope this will help!

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Hi All,
Out of curiosity i just used resistor to cross verify. It was working fine!! but with less buzzer sound (I know less volume buzzer is of no use😊)