Issue with Quiz in Graphs Section

None of the options are correct in the Quiz. It is supposed to be setChartLibrary(‘google-chart’);

I hope you fix this issue i am facing.

Option 1 is correct. Focus in the question is actually more on the syntax i.e it is checking more on the case sensitive part

Here all four options are incorrect as they does not pay attention to the case sensitive part…The right syntax should be like…setCrosshair(true);…
Please solve this problem as soon as possible…
Thank you

Yes your syntax is right. There might be some error in this question. But if we see option 1 it is the closest to being right as other options either have yes or True in the bracket which is wrong. So just mark option 1 to get the correct answer.

@yellanikhil99 @Sinhamaitry6 @singharseta26 Thanks for bringing the issue to our notice. We have updated the answers for the quizzes.