Issue with Telegram SMS

@raviradadiya09 Hey, it would be better and easier for everyone to help if you could screenshot the code and ask your query too :slight_smile:

@raviradadiya09 This is because you have entered an incorrect config for the Telegram config. Please check your config again. You might have confused O with 0, I with 1 etc.

could you please specify what you meant by config? im getting this same error.After lots of attempts i finally tried copy pasting the same code as in the lesson which gave me the same error…probably suggesting an error in one of the ids…but all of them are proper…

Hey, I have faced the same issue. Let me help you to get out of this.
This is due to either the wrong chat_id or bot_id. Find it out as:
telegram_chat_id = @ the text after ‘’ in your telegram invite link.
for eg: if your invite link is then your chat id will be @tutor_bolt.

telegram_bot_id ="bot123456678:aefiefdhfgijriojj7id6jiof4jdk6gj5lkjgio" <=token key.

Here you should not be confused with O and 0.First copy the token in some editor with the suitable font to differentiate between O and 0.

I assure you will definitely get the message.
Please reply if the issue persists.


Thanks a lot!!! This worked properly for me now.

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Thank you very much @suttkarsh553 , I also faced this problem but after doing the changes recommended by you , my all errors are removed. Once again thankyou very much brother

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