Issue with the bolt

I am trying to set up my bolt device, the issue is that i have linked the bolt to my cloud as well as it is saved on my android app. But when i try to connect my module to a new wifi ,in the beginning it sets up the hotspot i enter the password (the one on the app) but after that it says unables to connect and does not take in the new wifi data and keeps on showing offline and the blue led keeps on steadily blinking.
What is the possible solution on this issue ?

Hey @urvashi.taki42,
Just read your post. My guess would be that the bolt iot module can only connect to one wifi setup at a time. So try to disconnect your iot module from the previous connection and then connect to the new wifi and see how it goes.
Hope it helps.

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Hello urvashi.taki42,
The bolt device connects to the wiifi , which you have used during the set up.So,inorder to change to new wifi do follow the same procedure while linking your bolt device to your bolt cloud.
Here, is a link which helps you !!

Hey ,
i got the problem sorted !!
I was entering the wrong password for the bolt hotspot .
Later on after entering the correct password, the module was online!
Thank You so much.

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Good to know you got your problem sorted. Just for my benefit, so can the bolt IOT module connect to more than one wifi without deleting the previous connection or did you remove the previous connection first??

I personally found this entire process of connecting to the new wifi very tedious. But rather than wasting time i would rather suggest an alternative method
(If you have tried everything but switching between the wifi network is still not possible then go for this method bcz this worked for me)
1)logout from your current bolt iot account that is logged in your phone
2)Use a different email ID and register
3)Once you are logged in your android, then follow the setup procedure once again. That is add device - connect it to the bolt hotspot(PASSWORD-bolt1234)-setup the wifi that you want to
4)Once you have entered the data correctly the green LED will start glowing.

In my case i had all my products made on the previous bolt cloud account so i just switched the account to the previous one. This is was the only possible way via which i could change the wif

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Hey, thanks for the info. I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks soo much.