Issue with Twilio

I am getting Error in LM35 code written in puTTy
The error is as follows-
Reading sensor value
Sensor value is: 246
making request to Twilio to send SMS
Error occured: Below are the details

HTTP Error Your request was:

POST /Accounts/AC69bfeb845d1a82dc111d3e53737814a/Messages.json

Twilio returned the following information:

Unable to create record: The requested resource /2010-04-01/Accounts/AC69bfeb845d1a82dc111d3e53737814a/Messages.json was not found

More information may be available here:

Here is the screenshot:

Hi. This actually happens when one tries to deliver sms via twilio platform but unfortunately the user SID won’t exist in their system. this usually happens when one types the sid wrong. Please make sure that the sid that you have used in your configuration folder of the project is the same as the sid on the twilio website. I have made sure and mine is working just fine. Hope this helps.

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Thank you @abhiroopmokshagnabhe . But I have used the same SID mentioned in the Twilio website. Do let me know if there is some another solution to this error.