Issuing Internship Certificate

Will I get internship certificate after completing this training or to get it I should submit project for Decathlon.

Hi @dhruvanraj26,

You can complete the training within a month’s time although you have lifetime access.
You can apply to the internship, i.e. accept the terms and conditions and submit the CV before completion the training.
But before the final submission of the project, the training should be complete and you must have been received the certificate.

Hope this clarifies your query.

to get the internhship project u must complete any one of the project mentioned by them the project can be completed anytime since this is a life time access course but after submitting the project once we must mail the bolt team

Since this is a lifetime access course, any of the projects they say must be finished in order to receive the internship project. However, after submitting the project, we must email the bolt team.

Hi @dhruvanraj26
You need to complete the training within the deadline by the company initially. Then you may choose either of the two options for the internship criteria according to your choice. Complete the conditions demanded and accepts the rules and conditions before submitting your files.
Thank you.

Hi @dhruvanraj26
No,You will not get the internship certificate after completing this training. If you complete the training you will be getting your training certificate. In order to get the Internship Certificate you need to apply internship for the Guaranteed Internship by Bolt IoT (Without Stipend). Once the tab is open will be getting all the task, you need to do. After submitting the task within time. Your task will be review by Bolt Iot. If there is no problem then you will get the certificate. If there is an issue you will get feedback what need to be changed.