It always shows the same value

you might be having and LDR with internal resistance other than the standard value.
try using following combination sequence:
3.3v - LDR - A0 - 330 ohm resistor - GND

For more details, read the setup troubleshooting module for this project which is right after the 'linking product to device(2:41) video module.

keep the intensity of light falling on your project specially LDR varying might it may be constant

The highest value/output is 1.02 thousand, try changing the light intensity by closing LDR with hands or passing a flash light on it and check output ,it will vary.Before proceeding,check the pin connection correctly or try using various resistors provided

At first, I also get the same results.
Try using the resistor as shown in the picture and you will get the result.

Put it under varying light conditions in your room after every 10 seconds or so and try changing it with putting it under a lamp , then inside a drawer or so ,and u will get diff values after every 10 seconds when u change its position and run the code…it will help

Make the LDR placed in different light conditions like sometimes in dark or a little light and all, then you can see the values changing.

the value shown here is the standard value of LDR which it has recorded for your get different values change the light conditions of your room such as switch off the light.

Thanks bro, even I got the same problem and I tried this method and it worked…