It showing error in twilo

image file
i am getting error in my twilio project. not able to upload the error pictures directly in bolt forum topic creation.

@mohamedabdulkadher.1 You will need to install the Boltiot python module first.
Type sudo pip3 install boltiot and then try again once it installs.

I tried to install the command which you had sent to to me. It showing as command not found

@mohamedabdulkadher.1 Can you send a screenshot of the error?

error photo

@mohamedabdulkadher.1 Do you have another file called in the same directory of your Python code?
If yes, then please delete it using the command below,
sudo rm -r boltiot.pyc

If not, then please check if you have installed the boltiot python library and install it using the command below,
sudo pip3 install boltiot

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