It shows coupon code is invalid

I was trying to use coupon code to login to the training course, but my internet session got timed out. When I reloaded the page I could see that my coupon code became invalid. How do I again use my coupon code or how do I access my training course . Help me out please.

Hi @rahulgajwani,

Follow the below steps again and also send us the screenshot of the error.(Blur the coupon code from screenshot)

Training access

To access the training content, please watch the video below. Also, do read the video comments to avoid common mistakes.

CRITICAL : Perform the steps given in the video on a desktop or a laptop computer. NOT on a mobile phone.

In case you are not able to view the video you can follow the steps below for training access:

  1. Create an account on using the same email ID that you used to register for the training.

  2. Visit using the same account you created in step 1

  3. Read all the steps given on the website link in step 2 carefully and follow them.

I have tried all those steps it still shows the coupon is expired.

Here is the blurred image of my coupon code as requested by you.