Java scrip unable to understand

I am not getting Java script
Here initially I have downloaded html editor app in my mobile, then I typed this program

And kept file name as file name as file.html and saved it
Then I took another file name as Java.js and typed this program

And then to see output I followed the steps given in course, but iam not getting output, the output is totally blank.
I think my doubdt is clear. What is my mistake

Hello @sreejavijayagiri
You as you say you create Java.js file so please mention this file name in
HTML file(file.html) in src='Java.js’
Also note that in .js file only write from var c
hope this information is useful for you
plese do changes and try

Yes, sir I have tried this also but am not getting it, please help

in Java.js file only write from var c
not need to write tag
try to run code in computer
Hope this is useful for you

I’m not able to understand which tag? are you talking about body tag, should I erase body tag and try again

The output of.html file is, in console is

And when I opened in browser the ooutput is

I hope you got my mistake, please help

@sreejavijayagiri i recommend you to see the bolt video once again .and understand it .And its better to use online html complier .hope thisinformation is useful

@sreejavijayagiri I think you should see the video two or three times and try to understand them as well as perform the coding step by step according to the given steps. I hope this will some your problem . Bolt videos are much more easier to understand.

But in the course there is no video regarding javascript if you have the video please share it would be a good help, I’m trying since 2 days but I’m not getting output

Javascript Programming Language


Can you please copy and paste the code that you have written here instead of the screenshot of the same?

This will help us in finding the exact issue.

Also, do make sure you are not adding any html code in your js file.

Hi Sreeja,
First of all if you want us to help you, you need to help us understand what code you have exactly written. The screenshot you posted is really messy and unable to understand the code.
If you can, please:

  1. Write the code on your desktop rather than mobile phone.
  2. Write a clean code that is much understandable.
  3. Either post the code or put up the screen shot of your desktop code.
  4. Put different screenshots of (a)HTML code , (b)Javascript code and ( c)Any errors that you get.

this is the code for html and code for .js is

I write same program as mentioned in course and file name also I kept same my–javascript.js
For the above javascript code .
And when I want to see output in console, the output is totally blank

The code seems fine but I’m really confused… Have you written the code on your phone and are you trying to view it on your desktop ?
According to your screenshots I see you have the code written in your mobile phone and the output that you are trying to display is on your desktop using chrome.
Write the code on your PC/Laptop in the notepad and just save the files respectively as .html and .js in the same location.
Open the .html file and then view the console. I am sure you will get the output.

Try this one and you will get output definitely.
I hope this information is useful to u

U better to try this app :point_down:(link) for web development programming languages like html, css, javascript

Thank you so much ,I understood the concept