JAVA Script code doubt

setInterval(increment_counter, 1000);

In this java script code , why didnt we use " () " while using function increment_counter?
when i Write the same code with “()” , it only increments the value of counter when cliclked upon.


The first parameter of the setInterval() function expects a reference to function i.e just increment_counter .
Whereas increment_counter() runs the function, and the result of its execution is passed to setInterval . In our case the result of increment_counter is undefined (the function returns nothing), so nothing is scheduled, that is why it only increments the value when you click on it rather than continuously displaying values with a gap of 1 second.

Therefore pass only the reference to function as the first parameter ( i.e just ‘increment_counter’)

Note: If you do write it as increment_counter(), write it within double quotes, like, setInterval(“increment_counter()”, 1000);

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@shivanshbhadouria7 - @hibafatima24 has explained it perfectly.