Java script file

i have created arithmetic operation on java script using netbeans but i dont know how to link that file with my html file created so i get output in my browser even i tried to paste the path of my js file created but i am getting blank output on my browser.and on clicking inspect button on that browser page i am getting an error on console page.error is failed to load resourcs

hello @shivamdixit1712 follow the steps written in the screenshot below and i hope you’re able to do it for sure

Instead of using netbeans for html use visual studio code. It reduces your workload a lot. And I think the issue is with your linking part. So can you upload the image of your source code?

My issue has been resolved thanks

1.Use visual studio code / sublime text for editing HTML/CSS/JS. They are very light and designed for this purpose.
2.Make a folder and create both .html and .js file in same folder . It will make sure you are not entering wrong/complex paths. (you will then have to simply write src=“filename.js”)
3.Make sure extension/AddOns are disabled in your browser. They sometimes create probelm.Maybe use incognito/Mozilla firefox. (personally i think fox is best)