Javascript file is a file where the source code is can we learn or understand such huge code.some fucntions are not unknown to us.can you please help on this sir

Hello.I understand it is a big code and might be difficult to understand at first sight.But the problem may be solved if you go through the basics of javascript, as provided by the Bolt Platform.That might help you understand the gist of the code.
You can even prefer the official documentation of JS, MDN(
If you prefer to become a Pro in JS, you should practice coding in JS.
You can use Visual Studio if writing JS code and executing it in browser is getting tedious.There the output is displayed just below in the console.
So there is no need to actually learn the code, actually any code.
You’ll understand it and will be able to do it on your own once you get your hands on it.
Hope I was able to help you to some extent.
All the best!

please use to learn it.

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