Javascript lecture missing

In the third lecture in javascript programming language it says the following :

“In the previous lesson, we learnt how to use JS code along with HTML code to make web pages more dynamic. But we did not see anything about how powerful JS code is. In this lesson, we shall learn how to use JS code evaluate arithmetic expressions, and manipulate HTML content dynamically…”

But there is no lecture teaching how to use JS with HTML.

Hey @sumedhyewale,

In the Javascript programming language section, You will find every detail regarding js. Such as Variables in js, functions in js, Built-in function in js. and also the Manipulation of HTML content using js. You just have to go through the further lectures and you’ll be clear with all your doubts.
I hope you’ll find this helpful!

@sumedhyewale Just refer to the previous lecture i.e., the first 2nd lcture of JS Section

@sumedhyewale It is just after Creating your functions using JS(ie lecture 5 of JS programming language)