Javascript not linking with html

I am currently learning the javascript part, I made a js file as shown in the given screenshot. But when I’m trying to link it with my html page it is not working. I saved the file and went to inspect element, but the console was blank.

@rounak2002topdar please share screenshots of the HTML document.

Hi @rounak2002topdar,

Please share the screenshot of your HTML code. Also, note that there is a space in the file name
java 1.js

hi @rounak2002topdar,
i have observed your screenshot. there is one problem during the filename of javascript. when you save this js file, filename should be without space.
you can use ‘_’ insteaded of space.
for example:

Make sure that extension are proper and also check for intendetation

filename should be without space and also check for intendetation