JavaScript or python

Sir I have problem with JavaScript

Sir I am not that good in JavaScript I am perfect In python
In the project codeing can I write in python Instead of Java script

Yes for sure you can code in Python for your IoT project. But Python is more preferable while using machine learning and AI applications, while we can use JavaScript for small IoT applications where python becomes a little heavy for that kind of tasks. And in the event that you need to create something cool for Alexa, you can use your Python skills.

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Yes, you can write in python but try to do in Javascript because you are good in python so you are strong in that.Try to learn new Language ie. javascript and start coding in it. This platform is given to you to learn new things…

Actually it is good to know both.
Since you are good in python, you can handle ML & AI part and build really cool projects.

But along with that if you have skills in Javascript, HTML & CSS, you can create UIs and web interfaces for your projects and enhance your projects even further, make them more complete.

Each language has it use cases, however, you can achieve almost anything with Python that you can with JavaScript. There is no scarcity of libraries and extensions available to Python and JavaScript for achieving more than what is offered as inbuilt features. Although both have several job opportunities available, Python has a better market presence and is also easy to learn. So I think you are good to go!