JavaScript or python

Sir I have problem with JavaScript

Sir I am not that good in JavaScript I am perfect In python
In the project codeing can I write in python Instead of Java script

Yes for sure you can code in Python for your IoT project. But Python is more preferable while using machine learning and AI applications, while we can use JavaScript for small IoT applications where python becomes a little heavy for that kind of tasks. And in the event that you need to create something cool for Alexa, you can use your Python skills.

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Yes, you can write in python but try to do in Javascript because you are good in python so you are strong in that.Try to learn new Language ie. javascript and start coding in it. This platform is given to you to learn new things…

Actually it is good to know both.
Since you are good in python, you can handle ML & AI part and build really cool projects.

But along with that if you have skills in Javascript, HTML & CSS, you can create UIs and web interfaces for your projects and enhance your projects even further, make them more complete.

Each language has it use cases, however, you can achieve almost anything with Python that you can with JavaScript. There is no scarcity of libraries and extensions available to Python and JavaScript for achieving more than what is offered as inbuilt features. Although both have several job opportunities available, Python has a better market presence and is also easy to learn. So I think you are good to go!

I have found a really cool website which can convert python code to javascript code, here’s the link Python to Javascript Converter

I am also more familiar with python and I am new to Javascript for projects we don’t have any restriction on to use Javascript or python language so we can use the language which we are more familiar and good with in my case I am more familiar with python so I used it in my project

yeah , i have same query

obviously you can write codes in python. even python is grtting more popular programming language nowadays. but along with, you should learn java also.

Even if exist a python framework to codify codes for front-end (of course converting the python code on the real web page resources), I sincerely recommend you to learn the own front-end tecnologies, it’s universal knowledge for web developers (even for back-end developers)

JavaScript and Python are two different programming languages, and they have their own syntax, features, and libraries. While it is possible to use Python in some parts of a web development project (such as server-side programming using frameworks like Flask or Django), JavaScript is the primary language used for client-side scripting in web browsers.

Most web browsers only understand JavaScript code, and not Python, so if you want to create interactive web pages, you will need to write JavaScript code.

That being said, there are ways to integrate Python with JavaScript using technologies like WebAssembly or server-side rendering. However, these techniques may require additional setup and configuration, and may not be necessary for simpler web projects.

If you are not comfortable with JavaScript, I would recommend learning the basics of the language, as it is an essential skill for web development. There are many online resources available for learning JavaScript, such as the Mozilla Developer Network’s JavaScript Guide or Codecademy’s JavaScript course. With practice, you can become proficient in both Python and JavaScript.

Do learn JavaScript. But since you have knowledge in python, it is more than enough. Because python is one of the top languages to be learnt in today’s world and has many applications as well. You can of course develop project codes with python.

, JavaScript is undeniably better than Python for website development for one simple reason: JS runs in the browser while Python is a backend server-side language. While Python can be used in part to create a website, it can’t be used alone.

It really depends upon what you want to devolope or do, If you are into Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, learn python and pursue your career.
If you are more interested in web development you can learn javascript and various API’s and pursue your career as a web developer.

Yes ,you can use python instead of javascript for backend development and also in other domains.
But javascript is needed for frontend development. If are not interested in that you can go with python.

All programming languages have their respective pros and cons. Language should be decided according to whatever project you are making.
Python is a better option for math-intensive operations, data analytics, and machine learning. JavaScript is suitable for developing a website or native app.
Python web development responds slower than JavaScript web development, but JavaScript web apps code better, function quicker and manage a lot more data.
Hence, you can decide accordingly.

if your starting with web development i prefer you to learn js first since js combined with html and css completes ur frontend

In most web development projects, JavaScript is the primary language for client-side scripting and interactions within the browser. While Python can be used for server-side scripting, it’s not typically used for client-side scripting in web applications. Here are a few key reasons why:
1.Browser Compatibility: JavaScript is natively supported by all major web browsers, making it the de facto language for client-side scripting. Python isn’t directly supported in browsers, so you would need to transpile or compile it to JavaScript using tools like Brython or PyScript.
2.Ecosystem and Libraries
While it’s technically possible to use Python for client-side scripting in web development, it’s not a common or recommended approach. It’s better to focus on improving your JavaScript skills for client-side tasks while leveraging your Python expertise for server-side development or other areas where Python excels.

Hello @shankarakhil17,
yes, you can use python instead javascript.
both the languages have their own purpose. in case on web development using javascript is much better option cause most of the sites use javascript. even though you can use python for web development.

Yes, all programming languages have their specific uses and pros. You can always use the language you are comfortable in. However, learning javascript would be helpful in web development and games , etc which you can easily through here.