JavaScript or python

Python can be used instead of JavaScript for backend, data analysis, and general scripting. But JavaScript remains dominant for frontend development, mobile apps, and real-time applications. Choose based on your project needs and team skillset.

Compared with javascript i will select python why because python is easy to learn compared with other programing language and also the application are also helpful and also javascript is little bit hard to learn and more complex

In projects the language type depends on the type of work, like javascript is preffered more when working on web applications, while python is generally used with the machine learning, automation task, also frameworks like flask and django uses python, so we can say it can be also used as the scripting language so the choice totally depends on you and project type.

Hi mehtashreyansh400,

While you can use Python for some parts of web development, like backend scripting, JavaScript is essential for client-side interactions in the browser. It’s valuable to learn both languages for a comprehensive understanding of web development.