Jumper wire problem

LM35 heated after that jumper wire get melted.so give some solution for this jumper wire.

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@aravindaravind400 You start with a reel (or long piece) of insulated wire that is thick enough — but not too thick to fit into the contact holes of your breadboard, It is not compulsory to use jumper wire only. You can get this wire from small old applications or electronic device. Also in this you will be having option to choose length of wire as per requirement.

@aravindaravind400 make sure the wires are of good quality and if you are using ordinary wires from any electronic device then try to find the wire that has only one strand(just like a jumper wire) as it will be easy to insert them in the bread board.

sometimes due to incorrect connections too, the LM35 starts burning because thats how I burnt one …
Also, LM35 is termed to be very sensitive, so be careful on that.