Just now Join the bolt IoT and ML training

I am new in this training just now I have paid for the same.
Please help me.
I am interested in the project to entitle IoT based “Monitoring and Detection of Fire and Air Pollution”.
Whether in this BOLT IOT and ML training kit my project requirement is made or not?
I mean sensors and required material is getting or not?
I want all the requirement to fulfil in this kit to do my project. Just now I placed the order. So please help me to fulfil it.
Thank you.

Hii @ProfVilas
In this training you will surely learn how to make your project that is “IoT based Monitoring and Detection of Fire and Air Pollution” and you will be able to make this project using Bolt-Wifi Module and you will also need a Flame Detector sensor and an Air Pollution sensor which is not included in Bolt IoT kit. You need to buy that on your own and from my experience I am telling that, you will surely be able to make this type of many more projects with this training.
Hope it helps you.

IN order to detect air and fire pollution , you need to have a heat sensor , which is not provided in the startup kit. Hence, it wont fulfill your need. It can however ,help you detect light pollution as the kit includes a LDR. Hope it helps