Kit Not Delivered

Hello Sir/Madam,
I am Pradeep B Wagre have trying to contact on phone for kit delivery but no one is receiving.I have ordered the kit on Saturday, April 18,2020 at 11:37 AM.But there is no reply from your side.I have called many times on 08881197198 but no one receives it.I request you to give update regarding it or if it’s not possible to deliver please refund the amount.

hello sir/madam
i am dammu gnana prasanth kumar… i took course on iot and machine learning… i paid 2750/- for bolt iot kit since 3 weeks back till now i wont get anything form your side … can u please follow up… i am trying to connect with your website but no one responding… when did i get my training kit…

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Hello, Bolt IoT gets its kits delivered in a week but since due to all these restrictions occurring due to lockdowns all over the country, the courier services are also affected. Once things calm down a bit then u might get your kits delivered.

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@pradeepwagre22 @prasanthkumardammu33

As correctly mentioned by Suryansh, we are not able to ship the kits as the courier services had been totally stopped due to the lockdown. We are trying our best to resume the service and expected to start shipping this week itself. If that happens you should get the kit within a week.