Laboratory Temperature


How to Maintain Laboratory Temperature at a Stable Level?

There are several ways to make sure your lab environment stays at the right temperature. You’ll want to look at everything from the equipment you use to your monitoring processes.

Your climate control strategy should include:

  • Clear goals, such as the optimal temperature range and relative humidity
  • An overview of the tools used to maintain the temperature
  • The processes for monitoring temperature
  • The procedure for dealing with system malfunctions
  • A review process for making sure the strategy is working
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@oliverthomas2314 are you working on any such project using the bolt module? Please elaborate on your project.

Thank you @nabeelaj221

You Could use a Temperature sensor to get the current temperature and then compare with the required temperature and if the temperature is below the required temperature we switch on the cooling unit and if the temperature is above we switch of the Colling unit with the help of relay Module.

So the code would be something like
Req_temp = some value:

current_temp = analogRead(A0); the pin to which you are connected the sensor

if (current_temp < req_temp)
digitalWrite(Relay_pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(Relay_pin, LOW);

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