Last date for complete the bolt iot training

I Was enrolled the bolt iot and ml course on june 30 .I read the instructions for certificate in that they wrote it is life time access .So I want to know the last date for completing this course .when will be this course ended?

hi @r151421
we don’t have any last date for completion of course…
if you started the course & if you got any thing that won’t allow you to continue the course like exams or stuff you can stop their & continue it when ever you can.

There is no last date to complete this course.
when u will complete all the topics,concepts,tasks,assignments,exam,etc.
That time the course will be completed,and also you can refer to the course anytime in the future to be in touch with want you have learnt.

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I got two words for you “LIFETIME ACCESS”.

I hope you know what ''LIFE TIME ACCESS ‘’ means !
Then you wont have doubts like this.

We have unlimited time and access to complete the training so that in future scope we can be able to revise the things and cope up with the problems which are arriving in the future.

There’s nothing like last date here. You can take your own time to complete the course as the hardware, course material and cloud services are available to you for lifelong but the only thing here is they have recently change the cloud usage as they have put a threshold based on your account. To get more cloud usage for high bandwidth project you can upgrade by paying an amount of money.
Rest based on usage as others told you already, its LIFETIME ACCESS, you need not to worry about the deadline of course.